Aluminum Honeycomb Core for EMI Shielding/EMI Shielding Vent

Aluminum Honeycomb Core for EMI Shielding/EMI Shielding VentHONGZAN  production lines & Capacity:Alumium honeycomb panels:500,000 sqm annuallyAluminum honeycomb core& courrugatede core:4.5 million sqm annuallyStone marble,granite)& Ceramic honeycomb panel:80,000 sqm annuallyFRP honeycomb panel:100,000

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Aluminum Honeycomb Core for EMI Shielding/EMI Shielding Vent

HONGZAN  production lines & Capacity:

Alumium honeycomb panels:500,000 sqm annually
Aluminum honeycomb core& courrugatede core:4.5 million sqm annually
Stone marble,granite)& Ceramic honeycomb panel:80,000 sqm annually
FRP honeycomb panel:100,000 SQM annually
Rock wool Sandwich panel:100,000 sqm annually
Soild aiuminum sheet:300,000 sqm annually

1. Product Introduction

Basic Information:

The aluminum honeycomb core is composed by multi-layer aluminum foils, honeycomb is formed after fully expanded. Hongzan aluminum honeycomb core has sharp and clear hole surface, and it is suitable for adhering to high grade panels as well as other purposes.
Hongzan aluminum honeycomb meets aerospace grade, is a lightweight endurable core materials which offers superior strength and corrosion resistance over commercial grade aluminum honeycomb. Meet all the requirements of MIL-C-7438.


Hongzan produce mainly two types of aluminum honeycomb core: Micro-aperture aluminum core and Normal aluminum core.

Supplying forms:
  1. For normal aluminum core: unexpanded block form and is stretched out / expanded  into a sheet on-site.
  2. For micro-aperture aluminum core (cell size is smaller than 2.5mm): expanded form
Aluminum Honeycomb Core for EMI Shielding/EMI Shielding Vent
Aluminum Foil MaterialA1100, A3003, A5052, A3104
Avaliable Foil Thickness0.04-0.15 mm
Node1-20 mm
Diameter/Cell Size1.7-35 mm
Core Thickness/Cutting Height3.5-200mm
Shaperectangle, triangle, rhombus, trapezoid
Regular Surface TreatmentPowder Coating, Anodized, Electrophoreses, etc.
Applicationsnetwork for traffic guidance light, crystal lattice for electric heater, laser-beam cutter panel for testile machine, separator for illmination, guidance for water and gas purification, cooling agent carrier for air conditioner, refrigerator and air purification, shielding screen, heat insulation screen, etc.
Customerization(MTM)Yes (color, surface texture, size, shape, pattern, etc.)

Technical Data:

* Regular Sizes and Max. Expaned Sizes of Aluminum Honeycomb Core
Cell Size (inch)1/41/33/81/23/44/511
Max Sizes
(Length * Width) (mm)
Model of Aluminum Foil Thickness (mm)0.04, 0.060.04, 0.060.04, 0.060.04 - 0.060.04 - 0.060.04 - 0.060.04 - 0.060.04 - 0.06

* Flat Wise Compressive Strength & Shear Strength
Aluminum Foil Thickness / Node
Mechanical Features under Room Temperature (Mpa)
Average Compressive StrengthLongitudinal Sheer StrengthTransverse Shear Strength
270.03 / 50.530.440.24
310.04 / 50.660.530.30
330.03 / 40.730.580.33
390.04 / 40.980.750.43
410.05 /
440.03 / 31.180.890.52
490.06 / 51.431.030.60
520.04 / 31.601.150.67
530.05 / 4 1.651.180.69
610.06 / 42.071.480.83
660.03 / 22.391.71.0
670.08 / 52.451.741.02
680.05 / 32.501.781.04
770.04 /

2. Application

Aluminum Honeycomb Core is widely used in electronic and industrial field which is including as below.
  • Crystal lattice for electric heater
  • Laser-beam cutter panel for textile machine
  • Network for traffic guidance light
  • Separator for illumination
  • Guidance for water and gas purification
  • Cooling agent carrier for air conditioner
  • Refrigerator and air purification
  • Screen printing panel
  • Shielding screen
  • Heat insulation screen
Aluminum Honeycomb Core for EMI Shielding/EMI Shielding Vent

3. Package Details

Hongzan will use standard export packages--wooden crate which will largely protect the products well during land/sea/air/train transportation. Customized package requirements are available.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core for EMI Shielding/EMI Shielding Vent

4. Cerfiticates

Hongzan has obtained international recognized certificates and test reports for aluminum honeycomb core related to Fire rate, sound insulation, and so on, E.G.: 
1), ISO 9001:2008;
2), A class fire rate by Lloyd's ( Marine Association) ; 
3), BS 476 ,475 by TUV PSD Singapore;
4), EN13501-1 by ITS;
5), ASTM by ITS.

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