Factory Direct Uu16 EMI Power Line Filter Transformer

Factory direct UU16 emi power Line filter transformerFeatures:1. High efficiency of over 95% 2. High frequency range 10kHz-1MHz 3. High isolation strength 4. Lower profile and weight 5. High power density6. High-temperature resistant7. Operating temperature -40°C to +125°C 8. Power range 5w-

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Factory direct UU16 emi power Line filter transformer

1. High efficiency of over 95% 
2. High frequency range 10kHz-1MHz 
3. High isolation strength 
4. Lower profile and weight 
5. High power density
6. High-temperature resistant
7. Operating temperature -40°C to +125°C 
8. Power range 5w-50w
9. Custom designs available 

1. VCRS, Copy machine, Audio equipment, Game machines.
2. TV sets, Microcomputer equipment, printers, Terminals
3. Communications control equipment
4. Switching power supply, chargers, alarm system
5. UPS, VCD/DVD players, audio and visual equipment
6. OA machines, inverters, chargers, alarm system 

1. Low magnetic leakage, low loss 
2. Small distributed capacity 
3. Fine tuning inductance

Factory Direct Uu16 EMI Power Line Filter Transformer

Welding transformer use in welding machine, reliable and acceptable. Okerda transformers have reached the international popular standard on its safety and quality standard, which have been widely used in the line of electronic products, communication products, audio-visual devise, satellite broadcast television receiving apparatuses, medical equipment and electric power system and so on.

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