The new version of the pump/fan driver IC raises the life span to a new level

2021-11-25 09:46:05 By : Mr. Hongjie Li

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Melexis has expanded its MLX90412 product range with the latest version of this 2.2A automotive grade pump/fan driver IC. It is optimized to cope with high ambient temperature levels and supports extended service life.

The company introduced the MLX90412GLW single-coil pump/fan IC with an integrated driver stage. It is designed for applications with higher ambient temperatures, such as automotive water pumps. It drives pumps up to 15W in ICE. This usually means that the maximum ambient operating temperature is as high as 135C. In the maximum ambient temperature range of 85°C for electric vehicles, it can drive water pumps up to 20W.

The equipment is qualified to meet the ever-increasing service life requirements. This can support up to 15,000 hours of EV applications, such as battery cooling.

This device is a dedicated automotive single-coil motor driver, which integrates all the most advanced protections. Single-coil water pumps based on Hall sensors are known for their robust starting performance.

With the new IC, pump manufacturers can provide a comprehensive portfolio of pump solutions. It can be configured in various BLDC commutation options in sine wave mode, providing the lowest noise performance for electric vehicles from high torque mode to low EMI mode, and is suitable for on/off applications that require minimal external EMI filter components.

“We are proud to provide a multi-functional one-stop solution for the complete 20W pump product portfolio. Dirk Leman, Product Line Manager of Melexis Smart Drive, explains that it is also future-oriented and can meet challenging service life requirements, such as Battery cooling for electric vehicles. "This device saves space, reduces BOM costs, and shortens development time. "