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Remote and mixed workers may have a new solution to deal with phone calls that sound bad at home. Look at the Audeze FILTER speakerphone.

Throughout the summer, I had the opportunity to spend time with Audeze CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram at a private event in New York City. When she showed me their new CRBN technology and MRI headset, one thing he made clear was that Audeze was going to Go branch out. The California-based company decided before the pandemic became a reality that they needed to expand into different verticals because only so many people were willing to spend more than $1,000 on a pair of headphones.

But what is certain is that based on the ever-changing world we live in-there may be more remote or mixed workers who are willing to consider things like the Audeze FILTER flat magnetic hands-free phone.

As someone who listens to flat speakers in the main living space every day, I fully understand this appeal. Before the pandemic shut everything down, I spent every day in the office, and had a few hours of meetings every day. The most annoying part of these meetings is the terrible sound quality of the audio speakers in the desktop meeting room.

I won't even mention this brand, but their system is too complicated to use. Whenever we talk to China or Poland, our internal phone system always seems to mess things up.

Fast forward to the pandemic and the scene where millions of office workers in North America moved to home offices overnight-and chaos followed.

Those of us who have high-end desktop speaker systems, 1080p cameras fixed to iMacs, and podcast settings are much better than 99% of our colleagues.

Audeze clearly understands that the old way of doing business is outdated and it targets those of us who work from home or operate in a mixed mode.

The FILTER hands-free phone includes a conference speaker using a planar magnetic driver and a series of noise-cancelling microphones. Connectivity includes Bluetooth and USB for phone/computer options and noise cancellation that can detect the type of background sound that causes interference.

Audeze FILTER promises to reduce environmental noise, such as vacuum cleaners, pets, and even the screams of babies. Good luck for the last one. Introducing the Audeze filter

FILTER is the first high-performance compact wireless speaker that can effectively eliminate background noise. Experience the most dynamic portable wireless speaker, designed for use from conference rooms to remote offices, using award-winning audio technology and advanced AI-based noise reduction technology. Zero noise microphone, edge artificial intelligence technology

The first high-performance wireless conference hands-free phone with AI edge noise reduction design, effectively eliminating unwanted background sounds. FILTER includes Audeze's planar magnetic drive, which enables the most powerful magnetic diaphragm control to produce the most accurate audio. Availability

Audeze FILTER will be available on Indiegogo on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Early crowdfunding opportunities will include specials, first come first served. advertise. Scroll to continue reading.

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