Noise Canceling Headset Heavy Duty Headphones/Two Way Radio Headset

Noise canceling headset heavy duty headphones/two way radio headsetDescriptions:Black color headset,Yellow,Blue,Red optionalNoise cancelling microphone,changeable boom microphone Quick release cable port for easily attaching cables for any 2 way radios or Sprint / Nextel phone Heavy duty headset with mini XLR Jack for

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Noise canceling headset heavy duty headphones/two way radio headset


Black color headset,Yellow,Blue,Red optional
Noise cancelling microphone,changeable boom microphone 
Quick release cable port for easily attaching cables for any 2 way radios or Sprint / Nextel phone 
Heavy duty headset with mini XLR Jack for replaceable cable
Ear cups with acoustic noise reduction material and gel ear pads
High quality large round PTT button with 360 degree metal clip,PTT#50
Behind the head metal band with overhead strap,idea for use with hard hats
Minni XLR quick disconnected jack, 

Ideal for airport tarmacs, fans at car races, construction sites and other high noise environment.  

Connector suit for Motorola, Kenwood and Icom, Hytera, vertex, Yaesu or other radios.
Speaker                              Microphone
Impedance: 300 ohm/monoType: Dynamic Noise Canceling
Core: NeodymiumFrequency response: 300-4kHz
Frequency response: 200-6kHzImpedance: 150 ohm
Sensitivity: 101dB with 1mW InputBoom type: 3 pc. wire boom
Kevlar® reinforced copper wiringCertified NRR: 24db
5-pin detachable cord connectionDomes: ABS high impact plastic
Polyurethane insulation (UV safe)Color: Assorted
1,000,000 cycle sealed push switchHardware: Spring Steel
Weight: 13.8 oz.
Noise Canceling Headset Heavy Duty Headphones/Two Way Radio Headset
Noise Canceling Headset Heavy Duty Headphones/Two Way Radio Headset
Noise Canceling Headset Heavy Duty Headphones/Two Way Radio Headset
Noise Canceling Headset Heavy Duty Headphones/Two Way Radio Headset


Raytalk Communications Ltd focus on  two way radio accessories and Aviation Headset since 2003.
Our products include Aviation Headset, Heavy duty headset, PTT Selection, Lapel Microphones, Surveillance Kits, Earpieces, Ear Bone Microphone, Handle Speaker Microphone, Throat Microphone, Boom Microphone, Listening Only Kits, Audio Adapters, Spare Parts etc. Compatible with Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, HYT, Vertex, Nokia, Midland, Nexus, Simoco,etc. With an experienced and professional team, our products have been exported to many countries and regions around the world and enjoy high reputation among our customers.

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We have been in two way radio business since 2006,mainly supply Hand Held and Mobile Communication Radio Accessories. With team of professionals work,our products and services are broadly applied in Govemment,Public Security,Finance,Traffic,Airport,Hotel,Hospital,Aviation applications and marketplace etc.

Our products included Two way radio earpieces/headsets,Speaker Microphone,Audio Adapters,Batteries, Batteries charger, Leather case, aviation headset, spare parts thatcompatible with Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, HYT, Vertex/Standard,GME,Uniden,Sepura,Tait and so on.

RayTalk Communication has delivered comprehensive, dependable, one stop source service and cost-effective solutions to meet the demands of our customers and on site support service tailored to the specifications and budgets of our customers.Samples are available on request OEM and ODM orders also welcomed,to fulfill special requirement for professional users.Your requirements of mould making,and assembling of audio parts can also find their best way here. Our teams of experts works closely with customers and listen to your opinions with an aim to create products that best 
suit for your need.

At RayTalk, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service,competitive pricing, speedy delivery and a comprehensive,cutting-edge product offering. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. With the skill, range ofservice, stability and resources, we believe we can become your long-term communications partner.

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RayTalk Communications Ltd
Noise Canceling Headset Heavy Duty Headphones/Two Way Radio Headset

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