High Frequency Switching Power Supply CBB15 Filter Capacitor

Product informationOutline Drawing Cn(μF)Un(V)Imax(A)dv/dt (V/μs)Ls(nH)U t-t (V)U t-c (V)tgδ(20ºC,10kHz)Size(mm)CBB15(SFPEC)0.471200VDC71200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-446×18×3411200VDC151200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-446×34

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Product information

Outline Drawing

High Frequency Switching Power Supply CBB15 Filter Capacitor

dv/dt (V/μs)Ls
U t-t 
U t-c 
0.471200VDC71200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-446×18×34
11200VDC151200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-446×34×36
21200VDC251200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-450×46×50
31200VDC351200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-450×46×50
301250VDC30200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤100×10-474×46×49
401250VDC40200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤100×10-475×50×44
2500VAC251200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-463×49
3500VAC351200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-463×49
4500VAC501200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-463×49
5500VAC601300≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-463×49
6500VAC801400≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤10×10-476×49
101400VDC18200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤30×10-450×60
201400VDC35200≤101800V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤50×10-450×60
50350VAC35200≤10600V, 10S3000VAC,60S≤55×10-450×60

1.Used in filter,absorption,blocking,resonance circuits of high-frequency swiching power supply.

2.Widely applied to EMI, Such as high frequency welding inverter, UPS, electric vehicles, etc.
High Frequency Switching Power Supply CBB15 Filter Capacitor

Technical Specifications
Reference StandardsIEC61071,1EC61881
Operating Temperature-40°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Capacitance Tolerance±5% or ±10%
Test voltage terminal to terminal Utt(1.3~1.5)Un for 10 seconds
Test voltage terminal to terminal Ute(2Un+1000)VAC-50Hz for 60 seconds
Permissible Relative Humidity75% Annual average≤on 30 days/year
Climatic Category IEC40/85/21
Case ComponentsAluminium,plastic,304stainlesssteel
TerminalsTinned brass fastons or screws
InstallationWhatever Position
Life Expectancy≥100.000hours at Un
Failure Rate50 FIT
Recommended torque for screw connrctionsInternal thread M6-3Nm,M8-6Nm

Product Description
This capacitor is widely used in the filed of power electronics and has the function of isolating the direct current, filtering out the high-order harmonics on the bus side, absorbing and protecting IGBT spikes, damping, clamping and the like.Static frequency converter for modern variable speed transmisson, in which the switching function of semiconductor generates many parasitic singal, therefore,capactiors are needed to filter, eliminate ripples and harmonics in the circuit. The self-healing metallized film capacitor can be used as a direct current connection and harmonic filtering of an intermediate circuit, and can also be used as an embedding and absorbing capacitor in a contorl circuit.The raw material of the capacitor has undergone a special metallzation coating -zhebian square resistance. By carrying out a special vacuum evaporation process on oneside of the polypropylene base film, the thickness of the coating layer is different positions of the film.The ability of capacitor to handle large current can be greatly improved by increasing the plant degere at the connection lead.

1.Used to absorb or filter high-frequency impulse in high-power high-frequency swich
2.Low ESR, high ripple current and large current shock handling capabilities 
3. Low Ls, good high frequency characteristics
4.Self-healing property
5.Long lifetime
 6.Plastic case, Filled with resin

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High Frequency Switching Power Supply CBB15 Filter Capacitor
High Frequency Switching Power Supply CBB15 Filter Capacitor
High Frequency Switching Power Supply CBB15 Filter Capacitor

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High Frequency Switching Power Supply CBB15 Filter Capacitor


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