Best mould prevention ideas: The best way to protect your wardrobe from mould -

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You might have noticed an increase in mould in your home over the last year or so. With relentless humidity, sporadic down pours and uncertain weather conditions, it's never been more important to keep an eye out for potential mould growth in the damp, dark spaces in your house. Plastic Molds

Best mould prevention ideas: The best way to protect your wardrobe from mould -

Mould can only grow in places where there's a lot of moisture – think water leaks, water damage, or flooding. However, there is also a connection between mould and humidity. While humidity sees an excess amount of moisture in the air, it can still provide enough for mould to grow. The other contributor is a lack of ventilation – so if there's a stack of clothes in your wardrobe, pushed tightly against the wall, air flow is limited, which can cause mould to develop.

There are a few practical choices to make going forward, like lifting your clothes off the wardrobe floor, and regularly keeping the doors open to let a bit of air in here and there. However, there are a litany of tips, tricks, and products you can use to help avoid mould growth in your wardrobe.

Start by giving these a try...

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While a dehumidifier is often the top-recommended product for getting rid of mould, it's important to realise that it can't stop or kill mould, just prevent its growth. Dehumidifiers work to suck moisture out of the air, which is one of the central needs for mould to thrive.

A small dehumidifier is perfect for a bedroom, like this one from Hysure, which can remove up to 600mL of moisture from the air. The unit is small and won't take up much space if you want to slide it into your wardrobe for a quick dehumidifying session. Another perk is that if you leave it running near your wet laundry, it's likely to dry faster.

Studies have shown that some types of LED light can kill mould. Also, the warmth emitted from a low-wattage light can help keep your closet dry, preventing mould from spreading through your clothes. Beyond that, you might just want a light in your wardrobe to increase visibility when you're digging for your favourite shoes.

These strip lights from Amazon work via motion sensor, and are rechargeable via USB, meaning you won't be inflating your electricity bill, either.

One of the top tips for preventing mould growth in your wardrobe comes down to how you store your clothes. You don't want your wardrobe to be over-stuffed, so keeping on top of your clothes, and doing regular cleanouts is important.

You can avoid over-stuffing by focussing on organisation with a few different storage solutions. You can use drawer separators to keep your clothes neat and ordered, or a space-saving shelf to lift shoes up off the floor, and keep your handbags from falling into haphazard stacks.

Vacuum seal storage bags are perfect for saving space and preventing mould as we move from summer into winter. These ones from Amazon feature a double-zip seal and a triple-seal 'turbo valve' to suck all the air out of the bag. This will prevent mould from growing on your unused jackets, jeans and scarves in the summer months.

If you want an option that's less expensive than a dehumidifier, a moisture absorber like Damp Rid will do the trick. These little tubs weigh less than 500 grams, and make use of crystals that absorb excess moisture from the air, keeping mould at bay. They also keep the air fresher and cleaner, alleviating musty smells. Best of all, they last up to 45 days without needing a refill. You can also grab a version that hangs in your wardrobe here.

Perfect for absorbing moisture from the air, these rechargeable packs are designed to sit inside tote bags and drawers to keep the contents dry and mould-free. They're also rechargeable, so when the blue square fades to pink, pop them in the microwave for 3 minutes to get them working back at full capacity. These are ideal for the hard-to-reach places in your cupboards.

These small hanging bags are natural air purifiers, with activated charcoal inside them. Charcoal is odourless, very absorbent and works to eliminate toxins, smells, and odours from the air – keeping spores at bay. This pack comes with 12 bags, and 12 hooks to hanging them throughout the home. You can also make them last longer by popping them outside in the sunshine once a month to re-activate the charcoal and keeping them working for up to two years.

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Best mould prevention ideas: The best way to protect your wardrobe from mould -

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